I wish I could give 100 stars to Pointe Village Chiropractic. This is the best place of all time to get chiropractic care.
Doctor Jeff and Doctor Craig both have a genuine care and willingness to help me. Everytime I get a chiropractic adjustment from the Doctor and Laser from the wonderful staff I feel valued and cared for. Many times when I arrive at Pointe Village Chiropractic I have a very high pain scale and I am in a lot of pain but by the time I leave the Doctors and staff get me back walking normal again and feeling less pain then when I arrived. The staff and Doctors here are top knotch and meet me right where I am at, and are very kind caring and genuinely want to help me ūüôā if you’re looking for proper chiropractic care catered to your body needs and Doctors and staff who care about you and want to help you live a better quality life with less pain…then make an appointment with these amazing doctors and staff. I am so very thankful for this Chiropractic office it’s been an answered prayer ūüôā

– inspiring Aspiranti

I started seeing Dr. Craig 3 weeks ago. I switched from a different chiropractor and I love how friendly the whole staff is and so far I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Craig and this office. So happy I made this switch!

– Bridget Orlando

I have been seen Dr. Conn on and off for 10 years. Anytime I have a major issue, he’s there to save the day. I 20/10 recommend him! Very thorough, clean office and great office staff!

– Kristina R

Excellent care since you treated me I have been feeling much better

– Maria R

Our entire family has been going to Dr. Jeff for almost 30 years. He is kind, compassionate and a structural alignment master! He uses different modalities to accommodate anyone’s needs. He’s helped me with migraine headaches among other things. He adjusted me during my pregnancies and our children as soon as they were born.We can’t recommend him enough! They also provide SUMMUS laser treatments at very reasonable rates that help with inflammation, blood flow and neuralgia. The laser helped my son’s “bathroom” issues and my TMJ symptoms.
This summer we were fortunate enough to host a USPBL player and I recommended Dr. Jeff and Dr. Craig to him. He was scheduled an appointment same day with Dr. Craig and was very happy with his results. His adjustment was so good he actually hit his first home run at Jimmy John’s field that night! I’d say that says it all right there! He has now been to both Dr. Jeff and Dr. Craig and says they are both awesome! I tend to agree!

– Wendy K.

Dr. Jeff is great. I moved away and he is greatly missed.

– Jerri G

I never believed in chiropractic care until I saw Dr. Conn many years ago!!! Dr.Conn has helped me tremendously !! My occupation puts a lot of stress on my back and neck. I would highly recommend this office!!!!


The whole family has been a client for many years
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

– Gary

Extremely professional and very friendly office
Excellent care, highly recommended

– Sandy M.

I can see why everyone gives a 5 star review and I am also! From the start to finish today, EVERYONE I had contact with was highly professional and courteous. I will definitely return if and when needed. Cannot recommend any better for chiropractic needs! I was limping going in there today and now I feel like dancing all night, figuratively and literally. Thanks so much to the whole team!

– Rock King

LIFE SAVER Dr. Jeff and his staff are Absolutely amazing. Yesterday I slipped a disk in my back it was so bad that I could not put pressure on my spine at all or even walk under my own power. I called the office they told me to come right in. when i got there and got out of my truck, i wasnt even able to let go of it (i would have collapsed from the Intense pain I was in again). I call the office from right outside in the parking lot and they came out and helped me into the building. Dr Jeff worked his magic and within about 30 min i was able to walk again(carefully) under my own power. Dr. Jeff is not only great at the physical aspect of the work he does, he very humble and has a great bedside manner, a quality i rarely see in the any of the medical professions these days. I highly recommend Dr. Jeff and his crew. They are great!!

– Adam Kamen

Saw Dr. Jeff for about 6 months then I moved and started seeing a different chiropractor. Big mistake, ended up going back to see Dr. Jeff and was back to normal within a week. He’s worth the drive. Go see Dr. Jeff, he’s got your back.

–¬†Jeff Bujouves

Dr. Jeff is very thorough.

– Sako R.

I would highly recommend Pointe Village Chiropractic. The staff are very professional and friendly. They are always accommodating to my schedule, offering a wide variety of appointment times.

– Kim Colley

I’ve know Dr Jeff for many years. Thank you for everything. You’re the best. (Kelli)

– Al Sewell

I enjoy my visits to Dr. Conn! His office is very comfortable and friendly and I love how good I feel after each visit. He has greatly reduced my migraine headaches and all but eliminated my carpal tunnel pain from typing every day at work. I have taken each of my children to Dr. Conn since they were newborn. I believe Dr. Conn was instrumental in their not having the typical ear infections that most babies suffer through. Highly recommend Pointe Village Chiropractic!

–¬†K. Connor

I have tried medicine and physical therapy and neither one seem to help me with my back issues. Dr. Jeff has helped me tremendously. Not only has he helped relieve my back pain, he has helped many of my family members. He and his staff are always smiling and welcoming. It is a very professional/ family atmosphere that I highly recommend.

– Breann Rineer

I never believed in chiropractic care until I saw Dr. Conn many years ago!!! Dr.Conn has helped me tremendously !! My occupation puts a lot of stress on my back and neck. I would highly recommend this office!!!!

–¬†Lisa Luberacki

Dr. Conn and staff are very nice, intelligent and make the Chiropractic experience very comfortable. I have had lower back problems for the past 4 years and my back has never felt better since becoming a patient. They are flexible and don’t charge if you have to cancel an appointment.

–¬†Mike D.

Dr. Jeff is the best! He has helped me immensely with my back and neck pain. I feel instantly better when I leave his office. He truly cares about his patients and takes time with me to make sure all my issues are dealt with. Love Dr. Jeff and his office staff!

–¬†Kim B.

“It’s a Miracle! Within one week of coming to Dr. Jeffrey Conn’s chiropractic office, my son has been enjoying dry nights, sleeping without pull-ups and even enjoying adjustments by “funny” Dr. Jeff. He has not had any night time accidents. I wish someone would have recommended Dr. Jeff years ago. If you know someone who is struggling with bed wetting, bring them to Pointe Village Chiropractic and be prepared to see amazing results. Thank you, Dr. Jeff.”

– A Very Grateful Macomb Mom

“My children started getting ear infections by 2 months of age, to the tune of 6-9 per year; they were on numerous antibiotics, had tubes twice for my son and once for my daughter (that didn’t work). When they were 6 and 7 years old we were introduced to chiropractic and with regular adjustments have not had another ear infection and they’re 18 and 19 years old now. The first place we go when we get any signs of illness is the chiropractor and so far no further doctor appointments are needed.”

РYvonne Forbes, Clinton Township

“Dr. Jeff has helped with my Trigeminal Neuralgia and various ailments. Dr. Jeff and Kammy are the best, you will get the best care with Dr. Jeff. Pointe Village Chiropractic Rocks!!!

РLisa Bennett, Clinton Township

“Dr. Jeff keeps me feeling good and on the job!! I would recommend him to everybody.”

РTom Denek, Clinton Twp.

“When I first started seeing Dr. Conn I was diagnosed with a sliped disc. I never thought a chiropractor could help me, I was desperate! I was referred to Dr. Conn and the minute I met him I was so impressed with his technique and genuine nature, I soon referred my sister and we will always be loyal patients. Dr. Conn is the best!! Thank you.”

РLinda Vereeke, Macomb, MI

“In 1999 I saw my primary care doctor for severe back pain, he told me I needed emergency back surgery. A good friend recommended chiropractic as an alternative, then I met Dr. Jeff. He has been my chiropractor ever since. I never did have surgery and I have been much healthier ever since Dr. Jeff made the needed corrections in my spine.”

РGeorge Jorrey, Rochester Hills

“If not for Dr. Jeff, I never would have made it through my pregnancy due to severe hip pain. He relieved the pain and I didn’t even need to use any medications. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you Dr. Jeff.”

РMichelle Candelieri, Macomb

“Our family started coming to Pointe Village Chiropractic in 2010, my son was having issues with asthma type symptoms and chronic ear infections. He was able to clear up his asthma and ear infections without medication. My back used to bother me from “knots” and low back pain, I have felt so much better since coming here. This is a great group who take their job seriously. My kids love coming to see the doctors here!!”

РColleen Hazley, New Haven

“I was in a car accident last September. If not for Dr. Jeff I would not be able to function daily. I have to see him 2 times a week just to keep me moving. He is very professional and very knowledgeable. Not the typical Chiropractor.”

РJames Males, Washington Township

“I hurt my back working out at the gym. Went to the emergency room and could barely walk for 3 weeks and I was off work for a month. Then I went to see Dr. Jeff Conn who got me back walking, painfree and back to work. Now I am a regular once a week for maintenance. I FEEL GREAT!”

РMike Mahaz, Sheby Twp., MI

“Chiropractic care has helped me with my lower back spasms. Dr. Jeff did adjustments that let me get back to work.”

РKevin Houser, Eastpointe

“Being in a manual wheelchair takes quite a toll on your shoulders and back. Even my physical medicine doctor has commented on how much chiropractic care has helped me. Dr. Jeff is a doctor who really cares about his patient’s well being. Come see for yourself. Thanks to Dr. Jeff, I am not in line for painful cortisone shots because my pain level has decreased! He’s worth the trip.”

РKelly Vandenbussche, Warren

“When I was pregnant, I had horrible sciatic pain…to the point where I could hardly walk. Dr. Conn’s chiropractic care made the pain go away. I am sure that the care I had helped to make my labor & delivery quick and medication free!!! There are not enough words to explain what Dr. Jeffrey Conn and his staff has done for my family. They are loving, caring, wonderful people who have blessed our lives.”

РJulie McCaffrey, Rochester Hills

“Chiropractic care has helped me in “sooo” many ways. I had a pinched nerve that was excruciating! After a few short visits, the relief was amazing. Now I come in just to feel better. I am a firm believer in Dr. Jeff. He is my miracle worker here on earth! Thank you Dr. Jeff and Kammy and the entire staff. Love you guys!”

РKathy Ryan, Macomb

“Chiropractic care has helped me with my neck and shoulders and everything else. I went to another chiropractor all my life, until he moved. My neighbor told me about Dr. Jeff and what a “miracle worker” he is. I decided to give him a chance and am so happy I did. His techniques are like no other. His friendly staff is very accomodating. I would highly recommend Pointe Village Chiropractic, you will be happy you did and will not regret it.”

РTricia Cartledge, Chesterfield

“Chiropractic care has helped me so much with many aspects of my life. I myself play a great amount of golf and just a simple adjustment from time to time helps to keep my golf game feeling loose and sharp every time I tee up. I also do a lot of work on my feet, for hours at a time, and going to the chiropractor keeps me feeling good on a daily basis. I would like to thank Dr. Jeff for his great work, he is truly and great guy.”

РMatthew Lockemy, Macomb

“Chiropractic care has helped me to be pain free; and increased my activity and energy level considerably. Although I had never tried the services of a chiropractic doctor until last year; I would highly recommend Dr. Conn and his “magic hands”.”

РSandra Lasala, Macomb

“Back in September 2006, I had been hired for a new job. I was supposed to start on a Monday, but my back went out on Friday morning. I had never been to a chiropractor. Dr. Jeff was a member of my church and came highly recommended. I went in on that Friday and again on Saturday. Dr. Jeff said If I needed him, he would come in on Sunday, so I would be ready to start work the next day. Monday morning I started my new job. I am a school bus driver and Dr. Jeff keeps my back in great shape. Thanks a million, Dr. Jeff.”

РDan Beens, Shelby Township

“Chiropractic care has helped me with my back problem and took care of my TMJ without medication.”

РShirley A. Chinn, Mt. Clemens

“Chiropractic care has helped me to continue to live a healthy life to its fullest potential. Dr. Jeff Conn is one of the kindest, most compassionate chiropractors, who whole-heartedly cares about his patients. He has seen me through well care visits, two beautiful pregnancy’s and a nasty pinched nerve. I have been a patient since 2001. Even after my move to Waterford, I continue to travel the distance to Pointe Village Chiropractic because Dr. Jeff and his staff are worth it.”

РDana, Waterford

“Just before the holidays, with a large family gathering planned and a high school reunion to attend, my back went out. Anguish about what to do set in. A call to Dr. Conn’s office confirmed that they were closed for Thanksgiving. To my pleasant surprise, shortly after my message, Dr. Conn called and arranged to meet me at the office. With his family in tow, he gave me the relief I needed to make my holiday a success. He followed up during his vacation plans to provide additional comfort and rehabililtation. Dr. Conn is a blessing!”

РRuth Follbaum, Shelby Twp.

“Dr. Jeff and staff are awesome! Our whole family enjoys going.”

– Marisa M.

“Great place! Friendly staff! Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my chiropractic care!”

– Sam R.

“This is the best Conn job around. Dr Jeff Conn is very thorough and attentive. He listens carefully and addresses what ails you.”

– Steve L.

“Amazing changes I have seen since the first of the year when I started going to Dr. Conn!”

– Tricia J.

“Dr. Austin is phenomenal! I moved to Michigan nearly three years ago and had trouble finding a chiropractor. He is very knowledgeable and made my injury feel like a priority. I will continue being a regular patient to him!!”

– Symone Brown

“This was my first chiropractic experience and Dr. Austin made me feel very comfortable with everything. Everyone in the office is super helpful and friendly. Not only was my back feeling MUCH better after my visits, I was also given very helpful home exercises. I will definitely continue seeing Dr. Austin.”

– Daniella Bruce

“This office exceeded my expectations. Dr. Hibner went through a multitude of tests before beginning to work on my fiance, making sure he had a sound understanding of her issues.

From there he continued with some stretches, pressure points, and a variety of other chiropractic procedures. However, as he went through them, he took the time to thoroughly explain the reasons and methodology behind what he was doing.

The overall experience was pleasant, informative, and effective. Having a chiropractor willing to go into detail with explanations of each movement made this a learning experience in itself. If you are looking for a good chiropractor that will make you feel safe, educated, and cared for, this is the office for you. My fiance and I will continue to use Dr. Hibner for years to come.”

– Jacob Chandler

“Love Dr. Conn and Dr. Austin! They’ve totally helped me feel better after first pregnancy in 2015 to now.”

– NS

Dr. Jeff is hands down the best chiropractor in the area, Michigan, and I’d even go as far to say America. And the staff is also amazing and caring. I’ve been going to Pointe Village for around 10 years now (after a few failed chiropractors). I cannot count the amount of times I’ve went in with severe back pain, nerve pain, etc, and then I am back to normal after less than a day. Dr. Jeff can always tell me where the problem was and what happened. This most recent time I was in the most pain I’ve ever been in. Immediately after Dr. Jeff’s adjustment I could actually move without wanting to cry, and after about 12 hours I was essentially back to normal/no pain at all. Can’t say it enough… Dr. Jeff and the entire Pointe Village Chiropractic staff are the absolute best there is.

– Jason L.

Dr. Conn and his staff are excellent and utilize technology to provide the best in chiropractic care. Not only does Dr. Conn provide healing with his chiropractic expertise, but he also provides it with humor and caring, not only when you are in pain, but also to maintain good health in general. I’ve recieved treatment at two other DC’s, and I couldn’t recommend Village Chiropractic more. It Takes A Village!

– Lisa H.

Close and convenient to my home …. was my first reason to visit. I walked in nervous and very scared , but my anxieties were quickly eased by the mannerisms , attentiveness , and knowledge of one of the newest Chiropractors working there . I already feel much better , and moved around quite easily the rest of the day.

– Nicole G.

I’ve never felt better. Dr. Conn is an excellent chiropractor and his staff is amazing!!!!

– Jeffrey B.

Great group of professionals, easily accommodating & Dr. Conn has great chiropractic knowledge which has very much helped with my numerous conditions. He is well supported by a friendly staff!!
– Cathy G

I have had terrible lower back pain for a long time, a quick back adjustment by Dr. Jeff and I’m good to go for a couple of weeks. Everyone there is very helpful and friendly and I always feel like a million bucks when I leave there. The best chiropractic service in Macomb county for sure.

– Rick C.

Dr Jeff and the entire staff are very helpful and professional. I have suffered with sciatic and hip pain, and regular visits have helped keep me pain free. Trust me! Dr Jeff knows what he’s doing!!

– Rick Motta

They are courteous, friendly, and know their stuff. Very dedicated about keeping the facility clean and disinfected.

– Norm Koy